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7 scientific ways to become a more influential trainer

28 January 2016

If you are a trainer in any category ranging from food to fitness, dance to music, sports to education and creative arts then there’s another word which describes you best- influencer! In most regards, trainers are as good as being mentors for their students. Here’s a look at some qualities you should work on if you are looking to be an influential trainer!

Story Telling is everything


Don’t shy away from telling your story. People relate well to personal stories and struggles. If you are willing to talk about yourself, it reveals your emotional and vulnerable side. Becoming a storyteller is more likely to find you students. Learn the art of story telling to become an influential trainer.

Enhance your verbal skills

blog2_verbal skills

Verbal communication will help you attract better customers. As a trainer you should have the ability to communicate with your clients and students. Enhance your speaking skills to improve trainer-client relationships. Every influential leader in the world today is a great orator, from Narendra Modi to Barack Obama.

Stay updated with current affairs

blog2_current affairs

As a trainer, it never hurts to stay updated with current events. Keep in touch with the world so people know you have other interests apart from your own subject. A dynamic and influential trainer will always know about everything that’s going on in the world.

Use technology to communicate with your audience

blog2_using technology

Never underestimate the power of social media! Everyone you know has a smartphone, so be smart and be technologically savvy. Having an online presence will help you get more students. Moreover, people will easily be able to verify who you are and what you do

Be a leader

blog2_be a leader

Being a leader is not as easy as it sounds, it requires knowledge as well as persistence and commitment. In some regards, a trainer always has leadership qualities, however enhancing these qualities will only be an added advantage. Students only follow trainers who inspire them, so be a source of inspiration for them.

Expand your knowledge

blog2_expand ur knowledge

It never hurts to expand your horizons and learn something new in your field. Staying updated will always give you an upper hand over your competition. Read blogs, newspapers and books to learn new things!