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Anupama Gopal - Chennai

Pilates Master Trainer Anupama Gopal talks about core strengthening and training methods.
In conversation with Anupama Gopal

What is Pilates all about?

Pilates is about strengthening the core. It’s a very unique and special fitness method which focuses on the most important part of the body. I organize boot camp style workouts, Pilates in tabata style workouts, Pilates with small equipment but everything revolves around the core musculature.

Why is the core so important?

The core is the centre of the body. A strong core has a lot of benefits and Pilates helps strengthen core muscles which include deep abdominal muscles. The core is significant for performance, strength and mobility. One should definitely try Pilates to overcome stress, it’s a great fitness method to control breathing patterns and prevent injuries. If you want to gain lean muscles, strengthening the core is the key!

What are your training methods?

I love the dynamics of a group, so I prefer training large groups. It’s interesting to train a lot of people together because you can learn so much from them. It’s interesting, it’s challenging and it’s fun to work with groups! I’ve been a teacher all my life and this has taught me a lot. I always try to keep my sessions interactive. Rather than using slides to give information my training revolves around learning, teaching and adapting.

What are you observations about your learners?

I conduct training sessions across different cities in India and as a trainer I meet all kinds of learners. What is consistent is that all learners are determined to learn new and different techniques; they are inspired individuals.

A piece of advice you give to every learner…

I love watching learners being inspired. However, the only thing I would like for learners to do more often is to be open to the idea of learning. A lot of times learners think they are ready after attending a few workshops and courses. There’s always something new to learn, and so keep an open mind.

We thank ATP fitness for giving us the opportunity to be a part of India's first international convention and meet and interview international fitness trainers.