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Arun Chahal

Personal trainer and physical therapist Arun Chahal talks about functional training and more!
In conversation with Arun Chahal

What brands do you represent?

I work with Professional Fitness and I represent TRX, VIPR, BOSU and Trigger Point. My focus is largely on functional training. All the brands that I represent complement each other in trainings, which create a big functional training package.

What are these brands all about?

All these brands were created out of necessity. Over the time we have realized that great creations come out of necessity, similarly these creators made these brands for themselves but later realized the potential of their creation.

Your approaches to training…

I emphasize on teaching the concept, I strongly advice my students that they don’t need to learn the exercises but rather understand the idea behind the exercise. They can create programs for themselves once they have sound knowledge on what to do and how to do it.

Why functional training?

I have a background in physiotherapy and it was essential for me to keep in mind that my clients were working out free of any injuries. This was one of the reasons why I chose functional training when I entered the fitness industry six years ago.

How can learners approach you?

Learners can visit our website and we upload yearly calendars with scheduled fitness events. We have a Facebook page where we connect with our learners.

An essential tip for trainers…

Keep learning and always try to find something new and innovative which can help change lives. Trainers are the first point of contact for learners and so they have to stay constantly updated to cater to the learners needs.

We thank ATP fitness for giving us the opportunity to be a part of India's first international convention and meet and interview international fitness trainers.