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Folk Fitness - Mumbai

Fitness Trio, Aarti Pandey, Manoj Upreti and Ashwin Pandey talk about the mind, body and soul of Folk Fitness…
In conversation with Folk Fitness

What is the idea behind folk fitness?

Ashwin: So it began when I conducted an extensive research on the folk dances of India. I travelled across the country and I noticed how women in rural India were so fit. They can lift up to ten kilos of weight on their head. They have an amazing level of endurance and fitness. Moreover, dance is a vital part of their day to day activities. That’s when it struck me that folk dances of the rural villages could be linked with fitness. In a nutshell, Folk Fitness is all about celebrating fitness with Indian culture.
Aarti: Before folk fitness I trained in Zumba and other Latin American dances but there was always something missing, I wondered why a lot of people could not relate to the music. When Ashwin talked about his research I realized that Indian music was the way to connect with Indians.
Manoj: We have a “Me” time principle at our academy. The sixty minutes which you spend with us doing the workout is the time you take out for yourself. At the end of the session you feel good about yourself and feel refreshed!

What does the mind, body and soul signify?

Manoj: So Ashwin is the soul of folk fitness since his research is at the core philosophy of the program. Aarti is the mind of folk fitness because she is the one who handles all the marketing and business aspects of our venture
Ashwin: Manoj is the backbone of folk fitness and so he symbolizes the body. He takes care of all things technology and accounting.

How do you connect Folk Fitness with technology?

Manoj: We are developing a one stop shop- a website and an app- where you can get your videos, tutorials, license certificates and lots more. You can post your profile as an instructor, and anybody can hire you as an instructor through our online platform. Folk fitness is technological well equipped to sustain itself in the long run. We want our trainers to be recognized worldwide and we will make it possible through the digital platform!

What programs does Folk Fitness offer?

Aarti: We have three different programs for different age groups. Folk Fitness Nanhe is for children, for the elderly we have Folk Fitness Pranam and for youngsters we have Folk Fitness Yuva. We have different choreographies for each of these programs; they are tailored made according to target age group.

We thank ATP fitness for giving us the opportunity to be a part of India's first international convention and meet and interview international fitness trainers.