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Jonathan Ross

Personal trainer, Jonathan Ross, talks about helping everyday people to lead healthy lifestyles.
In conversation with Jonathan Ross

How do you train?

I train individuals and small groups who want to work out intensely enough to be fit at the same time have fun. I believe that learners should enjoy the process of change; I don’t want people to hate exercising. My trick is that I make sure people have a fun workout which is challenging enough so that they come back for more. I want everyone who trains with me to exercise for the rest of their lives!

What inspired you to be a trainer?

My father died from obesity, he weighed 200 kilos. It was after his death that I realized that I wanted to be in the fitness industry. I want people to live a healthy lifestyle so they can physically do everything that they want to do. My approach to fitness is helping everyday people- the regular person out there. The key is to encourage people to make changes that they believe that they can stick with. If they feel better about themselves after a workout, they are going to have the
enthusiasm to continue.

Your expectations from learners…

When I train I just expect the learner to be engaged, open to thinking differently, absorb everything and at the same time add their own expertise to the session. I don’t want them to think that I am the expert and that I have answers for everything or that I will tell them everything. I can give a useful framework to my learners and they have to do the rest, which is challenging in itself.

Your experience in India…

My experience in India has been overwhelmingly positive. The response I’ve received is great. Everyone is so hungry for knowledge which is the key to better learning. They want to find knowledge that can help them be better and it’s truly an honor to contribute to that.

We thank ATP fitness for giving us the opportunity to be a part of India's first international convention and meet and interview international fitness trainers.