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Kimberly - USA

Triathlon and Marathon Coach, Kimberly Shah, talks about cardio education in the fitness industry.
In conversation with Kimberly

What are you specialized in?

I specialize in cardio education and I am a triathlon and marathon coach. Primarily, I teach trainers and people who want to be coaches and have an interest in running and endurance sports. So I educate them on how to plan workouts and how to work on body mechanics with running. I am also a master trainer for a few different companies, namely Trigger Point and Star Track. I teach education on their programs. It’s fun because I get to travel the world and workout! I guide people on how to be healthy and fit in the right way!

Tell us about one of your programs…

One of the programs I teach is called Outside the Box. The class is about teaching critical thinking skills and how to think creatively as a trainer.I moved to India at the beginning of this year to educate Indians and I noticed a lot of aspects about the Indian education system. For instance, Indians are very good at memorization and so a lot of trainers who go through a certification course have a book which they read and memorize. However, the same trainers are weak at application skills. One of my primary goals is to get the trainers to think for themselves, so I encourage them to move, work together and feel their bodies.

Your experiences in training…

I get excited every single day of my life because I do what I love and it never feel like a job to me. I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life. When I got into the fitness and started taking classes, I began with Japanese yoga because I have a background in Eastern medicine. Five years later I started getting calls from companies to teach education. The exciting thing about this industry is that you get to do something different every day! You are never stuck in a routine!

A fitness tip for learners…

Fitness is a process which requires making a change in your lifestyle. So, embrace the process, stick to the plan and keep doing it! Once you see the difference in your body, it will be a motivator to continue down that road!

We thank ATP fitness for giving us the opportunity to be a part of India's first international convention and meet and interview international fitness trainers.