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Paul Mavi

Founder of Bokwa, talks about fitness and the work-out routine which has upbeat music and groovy steps.
In conversation with Paul Mavi

How does Bokwa work?

It’s all about creating numbers and letters! Fitness to me is moving forward, backwards and sideways and that’s what Bokwa is too! Bokwa is exciting because it’s like playing a game! If I ask you to draw a C, you are going to draw a C with your feet! It’s a fun workout with dance moves which anyone can perform. In the first level of training, we use twelve simple letters since it’s a beginner’s class. We then move on to more complex letters as the level increases. With Bokwa, I want to bring out shinning eyes. Shinning eyes is the feeling of happiness that one achieves after a Bokwa workout. You don’t need to be a great dancer to do Bokwa. We just want people to smile when they do Bokwa, we want to see that glitter in their eyes!

What is the philosophy behind Bokwa?

We want people to dance their troubles away. The Bokwa music is upbeat and the steps are groovy, so it makes you want to move to the beat. People come to attend Bokwa for themselves, they want an hour where they can just be themselves and indulge in some self-reflection. It’s a get away from the hectic everyday routine.

How can you lose weight with Bokwa?

Losing weight takes a lot of discipline; it’s not an overnight process. I see these ads which advertise 6 minute workouts and that’s just absurd! It also means sacrificing the things that you really love to eat and consume them in moderation. Losing weight is a lengthy process and we want to make this process fun. We want people to enjoy their workouts and look forward to giving Bokwa that one hour in the day! Bokwa is an extensive cardio workout which is guaranteed for weight loss!

We thank ATP fitness for giving us the opportunity to be a part of India's first international convention and meet and interview international fitness trainers.