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Sucheta Pal - Mumbai

International Master Trainer, talks about life changing fitness routine Zumba and how to keep up that Zumba energy.
In conversation with Sucheta Pal

How did you discover Zumba?

Dance has always been a passion, from Bollywood to jazz and ballet I tried it all but I only really got an opportunity to pursue it as a career in 2009. I started searching for unique dance programs and that’s when I stumbled upon Zumba. I went for a Zumba class and it was nothing like anything I’d seen before. I entered the studio and saw eighty people standing there waiting for the instructor with smiles on their faces. As soon as the music began the energy in the room elevated to another level. The hour passed by swiftly and I wanted more! After my first encounter with Zumba I knew that this was it for me.

Why is Zumba so popular these days?

First of all Zumba is unlike any other workout routine. You can burn 800 calories in an hour and its fun! You don’t feel like you’re working out, it doesn’t feel like a task. In a gym, when you’re working out and the trainer asks you to do five more crunches, you feel the pain and it can get tedious. The thing about Zumba training is that you look forward to doing it every day. The music is a mix of many different genres and so it never gets boring! I’ve known clients who have told us that the best hour of the day for them is when they attend a Zumba class.

Who can do Zumba?

The beauty of Zumba is that anyone can do it! From a four year old to a sixty-five year old, Zumba is a fitness routine for just about anyone. Zumba fitness is not like an aerobics class or a dance class, so it begins with a warm up session and gradually moves forward.

How do you keep up the energy required for Zumba?

I really believe that a positive outlook is the most important factor in keeping up the energy. Moreover, it’s extremely important that you treat your body well; you cannot mess around with it. Healthy food habits make a huge difference. If you want to keep up your energy level you need to work hard and work on multiple levels.

We thank ATP fitness for giving us the opportunity to be a part of India's first international convention and meet and interview international fitness trainers.