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Free(lance) your way through the 20s

03 February 2016

Top ten reasons why you should freelance in your 20s

At some point in our lives, each one of us has freelanced. So what is special about freelancing in your 20s ? EVERYTHING. It’s a brilliant idea to be your own boss because it has some serious advantages. Along with learning major life skills, working as a freelancer will give you immense freedom to explore other aspects of your life. Here’s why it is a great idea to ditch the mainstream job culture and look for something more freedom oriented…

It will get you independent!

For all the Indian kids out there, becoming financially independent is the key to moving out of your parent’s house. Why not start working while you are studying? The best way to earn some extra cash is to offer some of your amateur but useful skills. Can you write? Can you edit a video? Why not give it a professional shot?

You can work from wherever you want!

The best part about freelancing is that you can work from wherever you want. Also, when you’re working from your home or a street side cafe or just another part of the world you get the advantage of some major sources of inspiration to work with! So the next time you’re at the local museum feel free to work on your next project while sightseeing.

You can satisfy that traveller’s bug

The only way you can travel and work at the same time is through freelancing! Plus why not use that extra cash to travel to places you wouldn't be able to afford otherwise. Besides when is the best time to travel than in your 20s? So travel while you freelance and freelance while you travel!

Earn some extra cash on the side

Even if you do have a 9 to 5 job why not freelance? There are literally no side effects of freelancing. In fact you can let those creative juices flow by doing something of your interest on the side, plus get money for it! Having some extra money in your pocket is the best feeling in the world!

You can choose your own projects

Choosing your own projects is the most satisfying aspect of freelancing. You can work without being pressurized to do something you have absolutely no interest in doing. Choose projects that are thought provoking to you and interest you.

Because a 9 to 5 job is too mainstream

At some point in our lives, probably in the mid 30s we will face the crisis of being in a 9 to 5 job. Freelancing gives you the opportunity to live freely and work to your heart’s content. A daily job can leave you bored of work, but freelancing will never be boring. At no point can you work on your own and feel bogged down by it!

Expand your portfolio

There’s no better way of expanding your portfolio than working on different kinds of freelancing projects. By working on your own and choosing your own projects, you can demonstrate your areas of expertise in different fields and subjects. Since you will choose projects that interest you, your portfolio will reflect your personality. Eventually when you do feel like getting a permanent job you will have a great portfolio to present!

Work experience trumps all

Work experience gives you more brownie points than the courses you took in college and the diplomas you have gathered. Freelancing will give you immense work experience in different fields.

You will learn how to manage your time

Freelancing sounds fun, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. Especially since you don't have an employer looking over your shoulder, you have to be responsible for the projects you have taken up. With every project you will be given a deadline and you cannot afford to compromise on quality by leaving work for the last minute. Freelancing will teach you some serious time management skills and it’s best to learn them sooner in your 20s than later!

…and save money

It can be very tempting to spend money when you have cash on hand. However, freelancing will teach you how to save your money in your 20s rather than blowing it all off on that new phone or fancy dress. Along with time management learning how to manage money in your 20s will literally sort you out for life!

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