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Find trainers in seven different categories ranging from food and fitness to arts and crafts. You can even find trainers for unique activities such as ethnic or regional dance forms or martial arts.

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Once you find the right trainer, connect with them using our trusted platform.

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How it Works

Creating the perfect trainer profile

A Trainerji Profile
Creating a profile on trainerji takes no time at all and it’s simple!

Every art form is unique and adds value to someone’s personality, that’s why we encourage you to list all your abilities whether you are a martial art expert or a math geek. If you have the ability to impart your knowledge to someone else then go for it! Answer all important questions such as your session timings, your training charges and the location where you can provide your services.

Describing Yourself
Write something personal about yourself in the description section. Give insight into your ideas, your style of working and training methods. Also mention your expectations from your students. Check out the sample description for more clarity:

“Hello, my name is Mac. I cannot remember a time when I didn’t paint. I am an artist and a trainer in canvas oil paintings. I don’t believe that painting can be taught, it’s an art and I can only guide you towards the right direction. My favorite artist is Claude Monet and I take a lot of inspiration from him. I encourage my students to use a lot of references and always suggest them to try different techniques. It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect, it doesn’t have to be.”

Photos & Videos

Adding photos and videos gives a personal touch to your profile as a trainer. Share a video of you showcasing your talents or teaching other students, this will really help you stand out. Introduce yourself by taking a selfie video; it is a fun and friendly way to break the ice!

Social Media URLs
You can add your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest profile URLs in the social media links section of the profile. We encourage you to add these links just to make the experience of using trainerji more real.

Profile Strength
Our profile strength bar will help create a better profile by indicating the strength of your profile. Your profile is better off at 80% than it is at 30%. Needless to say, your profile will look dashing at 100% and will attract more users than it would at 50%. You need to fill in at least 40% of your profile- this is a prerequisite to have a profile on trainerji.

How to find the right trainer

Search, search, search.
At trainerji you have access to all kinds of trainers! You can search according to your needs and browse through hundreds of trainer profiles. For best search results, we suggest you use the refine search bar. You can find trainers living closest to you and trainers who fit your other general requirements. The explore page will give you a list of profiles you might be interested in. Just click on them to see photos, videos and other information that the trainer might have provided!

Finding the right trainer.
We all have interests that we would like to pursue. However, due to some reasons we find it impossible to take up the hobby. Sometimes we are really motivated but just can’t find the right trainer. A lot of times we move from city to city and that takes a toll on the activities we really like doing. At trainerji we want to solve all these problems for you so you can do what you enjoy doing and learn something new every day! Browse through trainers on your smart phones, tablet or laptop- finding a trainer has never been easier! So if you are moving to a new city or just confused about where to look for a trainer, explore trainerji!