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Horses are the most common mode of transportation in the land of Game of Thrones. Unfortunately horse riding as a sport is becoming more of a fictional fantasy, in reality it is very rare to find someone passionate about horses in this city. When we found out about Anish we were more than excited to hear his story, and see some horses! The art of horseback riding is known as equestrian. It refers to the “skill of riding, driving and vaulting with horses.” But that’s all too technical; we wanted to hear about the sport from the horse’s mouth. Anish is an equestrian but what does that really mean? “Horses are not born to be ridden upon; they are trained just like we are” Anish said, “However they do have a sixth sense, they can immediately figure out what that rider is feeling.” Basically the more scared you are the greater the possibility that the horse will try to scare you even more! That doesn’t sound very pleasant, but on field it’s really not as bad as it sounds. Part of Anish’s job is to train riders and develop within them a confidence to ride the horse. Horses are really friendly animals and if you show them that you mean no harm, they will be more than willing to help you!

"Horses are not born to be ridden upon; they are trained just like we are."

It is really rare to find someone who is passionate about horse riding, so how did it all begin for Anish? Trained under coaches from the 61st Cavalry of the Indian army, Anish developed an interest in horses at a young age. However the opportunities presented for such a rare sport were few in the city. Years of field training led him to create his own training club known as the Equestrian Club of Gujarat. The platform he created attracted horse lovers and professionals alike. Apart from training horses, Anish also understands horse psychology and prevents horse abuse. This makes him the right person to connect the right horses to the right buyers. “Sometimes, at some fairs, many people are duped into buying overpriced horses, I make sure the procurement is fair” From all the activities that Anish does as an equestrian his love for horses trumps them all. While we were talking to him, two of his horses, faithfully stood behind him. His affection for them is undying. “There are always funny moments when new learners interact with horses,” So are there any major injuries he has had while riding? “It’s very natural for beginners as well as professionals to face some kind of injury. I have had my fair share. So far none of them have been extreme!” Most of all Anish has a charming personality, his riding skills are unparalleled and he promotes a rare sport which is otherwise dying in the city.

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