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Yoga, an ancient philosophy with its roots in India, is one of the most well known art forms in the world today. Encompassing several religions, the art of Yoga is one of its kinds adding to the rich cultural heritage of India. The balance of the body and the mind can be achieved through yoga. We have a vast pool of knowledge and historical backgrounds to refer from. Yoga instructors in India are therefore equipped with the correct techniques and skills, making them one of the best in the world. When he was in third grade, Bhavin was first exposed to the study of yoga. His father gave him a book on the study of yoga which caught his attention. His father’s interest in the study developed his interest in the field too. “As a child I never enjoyed studying, I liked physical training” he said. Bhavin also achieved a black belt in karate along with his training in yoga. He can reach a relaxed state of mind through yoga, making it his ultimate inspiration to pursue it as a career. “Making a career out of yoga was the only way I saw, because this is what I enjoy most.”

"It takes courage to laugh at your obstacles, and even more so to surpass them unscathed"

People began identifying Bhavin’s ability at a young age. When he was fifteen, Bhavin moved from his hometown in Porbandar to the city of Ahmedabad. He began training at the same age, making him the youngest trainer in the fitness center he worked at. Undoubtedly, over the years Bhavin has gathered exceptional training experience, making him one of the best instructors in the city. “When I first began training all the learners were bewildered, they were not sure if I was old enough to train them” However, over a period of time everyone started taking him seriously. Bhavin trained big shot industrialists and actors in Mumbai once his career launched. From a small town to a big city Bhavin’s journey is a story of childhood dreams turned into reality. But the path to success is never often a smooth road and roadblocks are always present. During a gymnastic performance, Bhavin faced a severe injury which caused a ligament tear in his knee. The injury took two years to recover. After a long bed rest and vigorous mental strengthening, Bhavin got up on his feet stronger than ever and more determined than ever. “I don’t think anyone can notice that I have screws in my knees.” He laughed. It takes courage to laugh at your obstacles, and even more so to surpass them unscathed. Bhavin’s injury only made him stronger. Today he is one of the most successful yoga trainers in the city, having trained well known personalities and enthusiastic learners alike. Bhavin’s body is as flexible as a rubber band, making his skills admirable. We watched in awe as he conducted his training and demonstrated his abilities!

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