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Dr Manoj Ajmera is blind. There is no discreet, indirect or subtle way of saying it, and there shouldn’t be. We have labeled everything from the color of our skin, to our religion and our cast. We have constructed a box. Everyone should fit into that box. It doesn’t matter if you are round or rectangular or triangular. Just fit into that square shaped box. When a child is born, he or she doesn’t choose to love pink or blue, the boy is taught to love blue and the girl, pink. Every individual should be able to construct their identity based on their personality traits and unique qualities. Dr. Ajmera is blind, yes, but that doesn’t stop him doing what he loves doing. Never has his visual impairment been a hindrance in his career. In fact I wouldn’t like to call it impairment at all. What society considers to be a weakness is not a weakness at all. We have labeled everything and this limits us from seeking our true potential. A small office space dedicated to cure all kinds of illnesses, Dr. Manoj Ajmera’s clinic shares a cozy environment. When we reached his office, he was treating a patient with spondylitis. His trainee Esha was giving instructions to another patient. He warmly greeted us and asked us to take a seat. We asked him what he was doing, “I am just giving him some radiation, this will help him relax his muscles” he said. When Dr. Ajmera started talking about his practice I wondered about his journey and the hardships that he would have to face to become what he is today. Dr Ajmera is a physiotherapist by definition. However his practice encompasses areas such as acupressure, nutrition and fitness.

"I try to solve my patient's problems at the physical level as well as the emotional level."

“A lot of patients come to me describing their pain, they tell me how every other doctor has turned them around. They start believing that there is no cure for their suffering.”  He said. “And how do you reassure them? They must have an extremely negative mindset” I asked. “I always assure them, sometimes it takes more than a few sessions to give them a positive outlook, and then the treatment speaks for itself” When I saw Dr Ajmera help his patients in their most painful times, I realized something important. We all have abilities. All we lack is a positive sentiment. Dr. Ajmera possesses both. His aura speaks oodles about himself. He is confident about his work, yet compassionate towards his patients, he has the ability to reassure them. This is what sets him apart; he builds meaningful relationships with his patients. “I try listening to every patient’s problems,” he said, “Trying to solve their problems, both at a physical level as well as an emotional level gives me immense satisfaction.” While he talked about his childhood, his practice and the general future of the practice of physiotherapy, a bunch of kids walked into the clinic. They started playing around with the equipments. That was his family. “My family has supported me through thick and thin, at times I had self doubt, that’s when they always gave me a boost of confidence” One of the children was Dr. Ajmera’s son, he pretended to be a zombie along with his cousin as we tried to chat up with him.

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