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Gulnaz is a small girl, but don’t judge her by her outwardly appearance, a small woman can cast a very large shadow. Gulnaz is a teacher, and on this particular day a mass of students had gathered to express themselves on paper through the art of drawing. Children are delightful, but when it comes to controlling them it becomes quite a difficult task. Gulnaz efficiently gathered all the children and asked them to sit around in a circle. Children also have short attention spans and so capturing their attention becomes even more difficult; Gulnaz has the ability to hear them out as well as make them hear her. When she sat down, all the kids flocked around her. One of the kids, who wore red pants and a red shirt, was messing around, cracking jokes and giggling. He was really cute and Gulnaz joined him in his shenanigans. Gulnaz is passionate about teaching and education. Her eyes reflect her passion when she talks about teaching children. Studying in last year of school herself, Gulnaz juggles between teaching children at Arzoo – a nonprofit organization - and studying at Government Girls School. “I attend school whenever I can, normally classes are from 8 am to 1 pm. However I cannot always go to school because I take classes in the afternoon around the same time” So how does she manage to catch up with her studying? I wondered, “I study at night that is the only time I have when I can by myself and revise my lessons. I always manage to cope up” I do not doubt that at all considering the fact that Gulnaz is a hardworking as well as sincere girl.

"Nothing gives her greater joy than teaching, she is a selfless, intelligent and sensitive girl."

So what about her future? I was interested in knowing more about her aspirations. “I want to teach”, she said, I should have seen that one coming! “If I can complete grade twelve at school, then I might have a chance at pursuing a college degree.” I am confident about Gulnaz, she is capable of completing school and more! “It also depends on my parents” she said. Gulnaz has a big family, “Everyone works in my family, we try to get as much income as we can,” She said that volunteering for Arzoo did have its own setbacks. “I give in so much time and I don’t get paid much, but I do it because it brings me satisfaction. We want parents to send their kids to us so that we can educate more children; it’s never about the fees” Gulnaz explained that some parents think that teachers who don’t charge a fee are not really teaching anything important. It’s a double edged sword I suppose. This is a problem that Gulnaz and the rest of the teachers are trying to solve. So given a chance would she train students if they approached her? “Gladly!” she replied. Gulnaz is a practical girl, she explains that nothing gives her greater joy than teaching. However, she also believes that parents should be comfortable with the teacher as well. She would happily home tutor children! Gulnaz is only eighteen years old, but she is an example of a truly empowered woman. She has the ability to put aside her own struggles and contribute towards the betterment of society. How many of us in our daily lives aspire to make a difference around us? Even fewer of us look beyond our own problems. Gulnaz is a selfless, intelligent and sensitive girl, who understands the importance of education. “I have been working with Arzoo for twelve years now, and I hope to continue working for it”

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