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Every girl would be more than eager to work with him, and not without reason. Women want to be with him and men would definitely envy his physique. Ishaan is an expert in all things fitness. One look at him is sufficient to make out that he leads an extremely disciplined life. He was training one of his clients when we entered the gym. “We’ll begin with some cardio today and then move onto weights,” he said. “Fitness is a life long journey, if you commit to it, you have to commit forever.” He says that he gives all his students this advice. “The people in our city are foodies,” he says, “That’s okay but eating clean is the trick to remaining fit.” He suggests eating right and working out everyday are two of the most important factors to staying fit and leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s alright to cheat once in a while.

"Never be average, that’s my philosophy, you can never know what it is to win or lose if you don’t even give it a shot"

Ishaan must stay updated to the latest training techniques to teach something new every day. He regularly attends fitness workshops and read books. But I was wondering more about how it all began- his journey in the world of fitness and his goals for the future. Ishaan was always keen on fitness, inspired by fitness gurus worldwide, he wanted to carve out his name in the field of fitness too. However, seldom do dreams come true without an epic story of struggles. Ishaan’s parents never wanted him to study fitness and nutrition, instead they wanted him to be in a more conventional field which would also be widely accepted in the Indian society. Ishaan always knew that he was meant to be a sportsman but aspirations and realities don’t always match, they have to be fought for. As he grew older pressures began building up; like any other typical Indian family he too had roles and responsibilities now. However, he surpassed these barriers only to come out stronger. Endless hours of reading about fitness and applying it practically helped him become the success that he is today. While he was talking about his story I thought about passions that each one of us possessed. Either because of the fear of failure or some other factor we were afraid to plunge, I thought of so many incidences in my life where I imagine that if I had Ishaan’s determination I would definitely have been successful. It’s never too late though! “Never be average, that’s my philosophy, you can never know what it is to win or lose if you don’t even give it a shot” he said. Those are wise words!

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