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In college there was hardly a sport I hadn't played!

Joe Sebastian talks about his academy, sports in India and his passion for athletics.
In conversation with Joseph

Tell us about your academy…

I run an academy called CAFSE, it is short for Champs Academy for Sports Excellence. My academy runs on the principles of keeping fitness first. Fitness is required for all sports, not just for athletics. The students I train are largely from the athletic background though a lot of them started off with playing football.

Sports and athletics in India…

I think athletics is not taken very seriously in India. If you have a look at other countries, they take sports and fitness very seriously, kids there begin a sport at a very early age. Hence, they are trained well and have a solid foundation. You will see athletes playing for their country at the age of sixteen, that’s how young they are when they pick up a sport! On the other hand, in India sports champions are not younger than twenty five.

One advice you would like to give for sports…

I would really advice parents to encourage their children to join a sport or be into fitness at an early age. Moreover, I think schools should give more importance to fitness and develop more curriculums involving children to engage in physical activities

How were you inspired to become an athlete?

As a kid, when my dad took me out for a run, I was not too keen. Instead I had an interest in football. However after sometime I started watching a show about Milkha Singh on television. His story and passion really sparked an interest in me. I was inspired to be like Milkha. Back then, there was nobody in my age group running long distance, so I took that in my advantage and started training for long distance running.

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