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Badminton has taught me the fundamentals of life.

Badminton Trainer, Nalin Dinesh, talks about his passion for Badminton and his training methods.
In conversation with Nalin

When did you realize your passion for Badminton?

I started playing Badminton when I was seven years old. Both my brother and I used to play together. We found the sport very interesting as it required agility. Since I picked up the sport at a very early age, within a year I started winning tournaments too. i soon developed a passion for Badminton and realized my potential for the game.

What are your training methods?

I completed my bachelors in Physical Education, hence, I have a comprehensive understanding of fitness on a theoretical level and a practical level. It’s been eight years since I professionally began coaching students and its been a great learning curve for me as well as my students.

What kind of students do you train?

I train students of all age groups. From four year old children to fifty year old adults, I have trained all kinds of students.

How has Badminton changed your life?

Badminton has taught me the fundamentals of life. Most importantly it has taught me discipline. I also learnt about social contribution towards society through badminton. The game itself has shown me how to coordinate with people along with being assertive all while possessing a calm mind.

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