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My wife is a better cook than me!

Pastry chef, Pradip Dey, talks about his mentor, food that Gujaratis love and cooking for his family…
In conversation with Chef Pradip
How did your mentor influence your work? I worked under as a pastry chef under celebrity chef Gary Rhodes who owns a michelin star restaurant. Under his mentorship I learnt the art of baking. I think having a mentor like him really shaped my life. I learnt a lot from him, not only about cooking and baking but also the food industry itself. His organizational skills are exceptional and I really value his teachings. Once we had to make desserts for more than eighty guests, and he made sure that each plate was perfect from the taste to the plating. He is a perfectionist. How do you like to train your students? I think the best way you can train someone is by letting them use all their senses. You cannot learn how to cook or bake well without making mistakes. At my workshop, I let my students try their hands on everything from baking breads to making chocolates. i want them to learn by trying everything themselves. I also encourage them to taste ingredients and engage their senses with the food. What are the taste patterns of people in Gujarat? Gujaratis are open to all kinds of cuisines. This state is known for its foodies, so there is always room to experiment. People here love their sweets and cheesy foods. Do you cook for your family? Yes I do! But my wife is a better cook than me, although, she forgets to put salt sometimes! I also cook for my son from time to time. I try to cook healthy meals so he can enjoy the taste as well as get the nutrition he needs. What are your favorite foods? My personal favorite dish is sautéed vegetables. I can have it any time of day especially because its delicious as well as healthy!

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