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What is the difference between a tattoo artist and any other artist? It’s that a tattoo artist only gets one shot; you cannot undo what has already been done. There isn’t room for correction. This is exactly the idea reflected in the decor of Robin’s studio- it is edgy, funky and possesses an element of uncertainty and risk; something that he faces every day. There are a range of posters with funny one liners hung all around the studio, varying from “Keep calm and get tattooed” to “you will not be tattooed if you’re drunk”. It’s a good idea to add some humor to the space especially for clients who might be afraid of the needle! While he was tattooing his client I almost felt like getting a tattoo myself. His client didn’t even flinch which gave me more courage to even think about it! Pop songs played in the background as Robin worked, creating a very cool and calm atmosphere. “I like working with black and grays,” He held the needle confidently as he talked and worked on the piece of art. Never breaking into a sweat, Robin knew exactly what he was doing. Years of practice and experience had made him swift at his work. The tattoo created itself in a marvelous piece of art, as Robin drew a sculpture of a man creating himself. “Along with black and grays, I also prefer realism when I’m creating a tattoo,” he said “I may not be the best in realism, but the key is to practice every day. I sketch every day.” “I am also not afraid of learning from other artists, I don’t believe in keeping an ego.” He adds.

"If you love what you do you can never go wrong!"

What sets Robin apart as an artist is his ability to interact with his clients. He listens to them carefully and assesses their requirements. This gives him the ability to create a unique tattoo every time. Some clients come to him with their own references, but Robin always adds his own perception of the reference work to make it original. Inspired by different artists, Robin decided to go to Thailand to learn tattooing. He didn’t stop there; his education in Thailand only opened new avenues as he decided to travel around the world to explore the world of tattooing. But all these dreams only came true after a long battle of struggles and hardships. When Robin identified his passion for tattooing he was ridiculed and looked down upon by friends. Nobody took him seriously. “I guess if you love what you do you can never go wrong” he said. The criticism he faced from society and the support that he received from him mom only determined him to prove himself. Today he is successful and loves what he is doing, looking back he definitely thinks he made the right choice and has no regrets!

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