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Since she was five years old, Shubhra used to sit beside her grandfather and sing while he played the harmonium. “I come from a very tight knitted family” she smiled, “my grandparents played a vital role in developing my interest in music. They always encouraged me.” Her passion for music stemmed in her childhood, but her father insisted that she had to study first. “I completed my masters and MBA, but my heart was set on music.” Carving a career out in music was her ultimate goal. Every school year she lead the prayer service but her real lessons only began when she was in college. “As a child I did not have the sense or the maturity to understand the importance of practice.” She opened up with us and poured her heart out. Her personality reflected oodles of confidence so when she told us about her stage fright I was surprised. “When I was in school my classmates would giggle when I sang, I thought I was a bad singer” she laughed. Her fear stemmed from her childhood but today she has overcome that fear!

"Music is the prayer the heart sings"

After a long journey to find the right platform for her dreams, Shubhra now trains children in Indian classical music. We asked her to sing something for us and what she sang was beautiful, her voice is beyond description. Music has the ability to activate every part of your brain; it is the perfect stimulus for artistic endeavors. And when I saw Shubhra sing, I witnessed inner peace within her. She charmed me with her voice and her pretty smile. But I wasn’t the only one captivated by her personality. Shubhra’s personality is enchanting and her voice even more so. She is a charismatic leader and that is one of the reasons children adore her too. Her students, it seems, come to her classes because of their love for her more than their love for music. One of her students upon going back home after every class would always talk about her teacher Shubhra, this inspired the student’s mother to also join the classes. That being said Shubhra is an efficient trainer who finds it important to look at the overall development of a child. “I think understanding a child’s psychology is very important, it helps me identify the best way to train them.” Maybe one of the reasons why children admire Shubhra is because of her ability to communicate with them and understand them. “A child’s behavior in the class reflects his or her situation at home.” she said. Her love for children is evident. Shubhra’s ultimately dream was to train children. Yes, she was passionate about becoming a singer too, but her eventual goal was to impart knowledge to children. After years of training, she now understands child psychology all too well and believes that it plays a major role in her training methods.

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