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The top cafes to hang out in Ahmedabad

17 February 2016

These places will not disappoint.

“Good food, good life” that’s the Ahmedabad motto. So where are Ahmedabadis hanging out these days? We’ve been all around the city trying the find the perfect places for you to check out this season! Ahmedabad is a bustling city with lots of good food and coffee to offer, so where exactly should you go? Tried and tested, these cafes will blow your mind.



It’s all the rage these days. It’s talked about all around the city. It’s Cafe Mocha! This had to be on top of our list for obvious reasons. Being the talk of the town, this cafe gets top spot on the Trainerji list. Good coffee, good food, good prices- that’s a first! Cafe Mocha knows its customer service. Be prepared to be taken care of! With a dazzling ambience, you can choose to sit outside and feel the awesome Ahmedabad weather or go underground and pick a cosy table. Cafe Mocha has some great menu choices along with mind numbingly awesome pastry options. Along with pocket friendly food options, Mocha also has a variety of shakes, coffees, and juices to offer. Without a doubt, Cafe Mocha is the best in town.

mad house cafe

Mad House Cafe

Are you looking for incredible Hazelnut coffee? Mad House Cafe is your place. GO, now. This cafe sets the perfect ambience for casual meetings, lazy Sunday morning breakfasts and lots more. Mad House has a lot to offer with its cosy setting and amazing coffee. Ideal for hanging out with friends and meeting clients, this cafe will fit right in your budget all while satisfying your taste buds.

Turquoise Villa

Turquoise Villa

This place is sure to lighten your pockets, but it’s totally worth it! Turquoise Villa is a chic place with an elegant yet edgy ambience. We can’t even begin to describe how good the food is. The menu offers a range of food options from Asian cuisine to creative sliders, Turquoise has it all! Ideal for a date with your gang of friends, this place has a quirky menu filled with fun facts and good beverage options. You are surely to fall in love with the visual appeal of Turquoise Villa!

cafe where we meet

Cafe Where We Meet

We love everything about this cafe, from its adorable name to its amazing coffee. Cafe Where We Meet is ideal to hang out with a bunch of friends. Offering a reasonable, elaborate as well as a filling menu, this cafe will not disappoint you. Situated in arguably the busiest area of the city, Cafe Where We Meet has everything you might need to kickstart your otherwise dull morning.

Sandwich workZ

Sandwich workZ

Best breakfast place in town, period. Need we say more? Satisfy your gluten cravings with a big All American Style breakfast or pick your pick from a lavish menu of sandwiches, rolls, drinks and desserts. A cosy and pocket friendly cafe, Sandwich workZ is situated close to all the college campuses in the city from IIM to St. Xavier’s, CEPT and HL Institute of Commerce.



Nowhere else will you get such a big glass of ice tea! We love this cafe for its cheesy fries and sinful desserts. Despite its pricey menu, Varietea has a variety of food options to choose from! This underground cafe is just the place to go with friends, slouch on the couches and binge on the fries!

cafe upper crust

Cafe Upper Crust

Saturday night classic. You never have to ask anyone for a Cafe Upper Crust review, it’s a no-brainer. This place is ideal for a first meeting, a second date or third brunch in a week, you’ll never get tired. Upper Crust has so much to offer, from really good frankies to mind blowing sizzlers and desserts. Granted it is slightly on the expensive side, but hey, it’s totally worth it.

cafe alfresco

Cafe Alfresco

If you love your desserts but also want to keep a check on that waistline, go to Cafe Alfresco. This cafe has amazing desert options which are pocket friendly as well as calorie friendly- you don’t get to see that often! Who knew fruits could be so delicious. At Alfresco you’re in for a real treat

soul sqaure

Soul Square

This cosy cafe is perfect to take someone special out for coffee. The ambience is warm and the waffles are tempting. Soul Square is one of those street side cafes you’d ideally find in any major European city.



Now here’s a cafe with a lot of coffee options! Zen is the ideal place to relax, sit back and enjoy an intense gossip session with your best friend. Their pesto pizzas are to die for, and with a very warm and cosy ambience Zen is your best bet for a good morning, afternoon or evening coffee.