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Anish Gajjar


Horse Riding

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About Me

As a rider and trainer, I advocate equine friendly riding techniques and follow the british discipline of equitation. I ride and teach using a light hand and a firm contact. Establishing the bond between horse and rider is of utmost importance to gain complete harmony between the two. I have always addressed the psychology of the horse rather than use forceful tactics to control and that is achieved by an assertive yet calm approach towards each individual.


• Have trained over 160 horses and 450 riders over the past 21 years. • Consulted for set up of 8 riding clubs and over 30 private farms. • Organized residential training camps in Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra and UK. • Organized equine competitions and sports activities regularly since 2008. • Horse procurement and stabling know-how for new owners. • Top quality stallions available at stud.

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Equestrian Club of Gujarat Propreitor


Break-inJoin-UpBehavioral CorrectionEquine SportsCompetitionConsultation for Private Farms an


English Hindi Gujarati

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