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atsuko maeda

+81 8013305859


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About Me

Atsuko, a student of Smt. Kumudini Lakhia ji, is one of the very few leading Kathak dancer in Japan. Having been fascinated by the beauty and grace of choreography by Smt. Kumudini ji, she was trained at Kadamb with a scholarship from ICCR, Gov. of India. In her unique choreographic works, “Tokyo Gharana”, Atsuko collaborates with artists with whom she has made acquainted in Tokyo, using Japanese traditional accessories and folk tales to create unique perspectives in Kathak. She also teaches Kathak in Tokyo with passion as a founder of “Kadamb Japan” .


Tamagawa Univ.


The Statesman "Suvarna Parva" Reviews in major national newspapers by Dance critics +The Statesman Tapati Chowdhurie & Manjari Sinha Choreographer Meada, a Japanese student of Lakhia, who runs the Japanese chapter of Kadamb along with Yayoi and Sayuri, wore Japanese costumes and accessories and made a great statement. Like Bengal, the folklore of Japan also believes if there is sunshine and rain at the same time, a fox’s wedding is on the cards! The dancers entered the performance area very gracefully wearing typical Japanese costumes with fans in hand. In the course of the dance, they revealed beautiful green costumes beneath. And their dance movements spoke of the rigour they had gone through. The three Japanese dancers provided a different perspective than what one is used to seeing. Read more at

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Kadamb Japan


Kathak Dancer


Japanese English

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