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About Me

They say your passion should be your profession. I held my first camera at the age of seven and was completely smitten by it. Nature , travel and people intrigued me, probably that is the exact reason why even after achieving professional degree and post graduation my drive to do something in the field of photography got me where I am today. After working as a freelance photographer since '96 along with the hard task of juggling my regular job, I finally decided to give up my work and pursue my career in this creative field. I have taught photography at an International college of design and media in Bangalore which also happened to be the Canon Pro centre. I was the official trainer for the centre and conducted workshops for Canon consumers and their clients. Having conducted these sessions I have carved a niche for myself in this field and can cater to a diverse age group as per their level of understanding in this field. Photography is like any other skill, it needs to be taught to understand the usage of your tool that is the camera and understand the art side of it which is even more important than the technical aspects. Keeping this is mind I have come up with my own series of workshops which are suitable for individuals as well as a group. My major clients are corporates and Colleges. I have already conducted sessions at various places in Bangalore and Mumbai including Shell, IBS, Wedding photographers association in Gujarat and Mysore ( through Canon), After learning a specific skill you need to implement it and that's where the photo tours come in which are a mix of learning photography, travel, adventure and lot of fun with feedback. I believe in transferring my knowledge as far as I can to other enthusiasts in a simple but effective way.


International Post Graduate Diploma in Photography M.B.A. Marketing B.Pharm.


Conducted a wedding photography workshop for over 400 people, at Gujarat wedding photographers association, Ahmadabad.(For Canon) Conducted a workshop at Canon Photo Marathon 2014 for over 400 people. Conducted over 100 workshops for Canon and over 50 of my own series at various locations.

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