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Kadamb Center for Dance & Music


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About Me

A leading dance academy , kadamb center for dance and music was started in 1967 with the purpose of promoting the appreciation of kathak dance in Ahmedabad and in the state of Gujarat. With 35 year of effort and commitment it kadamb has gained the reputation of an institution which impacts training of kathak dance and a holistic view of dance of education Kadamb's dance company is one of the most outstanding performing group in the country, It has a unique style of its own. Creative innovation and an intelligence approach, in themes and choreography has provide new dimension of kathak dance technique and has made a very strong visual impact. Kadamb's performing units has produced over seventy dance production which have been staged and appreciated by audience through-out India. The group has given a number of performances and participated in dance festival in many countries over the world.


For the past 25 years Kadamb's performing group has enjoyed wide popularity and a busy touring season throughout India and abroad. Countries where Kadamb's performed are .. USA, UK, USSR, Sweden, Germany, Seychelles, Portugal, Indonesia, Thailand, Mongolia, China, Korea, Pakistan, Brazil, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.

Business History

Started In 1967



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Prices can only be discussed over the phone


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