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ritu medtwal

+91 7283985534


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About Me

Born in Bhilwara, Rajasthan India; Ritu has been people’s person from a tender age. Often described by her close ones as mischievous, energetic and fun loving child, Ritu had the qualities of an instructor from the young age. She graduated in Institutional Housekeeping & Hospitality Management. As She was NCC Cadet, she was the only Girl Cadet from Rajasthan who have been selected and marched at RAJAPATH on Republic day Pared in 2011. Ritu is very active and have athlete Body. This is complete juxtaposition to what she has chosen as her preferred profession. Before she became a Fitness instructor she was heavily involved in Professional Bollywood & hiphop dancing. She gathered vast amounts of experience in performing live and also teaching these dancing disciplines. Se performed with the likes of Dharmesh Sir (ABCD & ABCD-2 FAME), Sumeet Pandem (ABCD & ABCD-2 FAME), Paul Marshal (Dance India Dance fame), Master feroz khan (Dance India Dance Judge), Classical Master Saroj Khan (Nach Baliye Judge)to name some. This was a perfect platform for her once she had decided to enter the fitness industry. Ritu is an independent girl from her college years, she did many part time jobs to earn her college fees, she worked as an aerobics trainer in a gym, Simultaneously she learn basics of personal trainings and worked in The Gym Zone, Udaipur as a personal Trainer and aerobics Trainer. This was a perfect platform for her once she had decided to enter the fitness industry. She became a certified Zumba instructor as well as Bokwa Instructor. She is licensed certified trainer for BOKWA LEVEL-1, LEVEL-2, PUNCH-STRIKE, TONE-CORE, STEP-UP. She cleared all the Six major certification within four month, which is not less then an achievement for her. After that she became INDIA’s First BT (Bokwa Trainee), who officialy get paid by Bokwa HQ, South Africa for assisting Bokwa education specialist trainer, during the certification. With combined knowledge of Fitness and Bollywood dancing she manages to in-co-operate its understandings to his fitness classes. It has been a while since Ritu has been part of this illustrious industry. She has learned from many professionals over the years and from that she managed to create her own philosophy and style towards her own teaching methods. This has attracted immense attention and therefore, many classes that she teaches today i.e Life style Gym, Vadodra, 360 Dance to fitness Studio, Vadodara, Life Fitness point Ahemdabad,Parizad residency etc. often she packed her approach to her classes is very simple yet intense. Not only she teaches the classes but she gets involved with the individuals which gives a sense of caring and help builds a strong relationship between his and her members/students. what she loves travelling & spreading smiles through his dancing & Zumba & Bokwa classes giving classes!! Currently, Ritu is one of the Bokwa Trainee of INDIA as BOKWA B.T.(BOKWA TRAINEE). She thrives to be the best hence; She works hard every day and gives her all. She is very honest with her work and She believes honesty is the best way to achieve the goals that we all have set in our lives. As Ritu would say, "Its BOKWA BABY…. ARE YOU SERIOUSSSSSSS!!" COME & JOIN ME WITH THIS FITNESS REVOLUTION!!


Graduate From MPUAT, Udaipur. (Specification in Institutional Housekeeping & Hospitality Management)


India's First B.T. (Bokwa Trainee) Have cleared five back to back certifications in 4months I.e. Punch-strike, Tone-Core, Step-Up, Level-1 & level-2 with Bokwa Fitness. Represented Bokwa Team In ATP Fitness Convention in Ahmedabad in 11-13 Dec 2015.

Work Experience


360 Degree Dance to Fitness Studio Bokwa & Zumba Fitness Instructor


ZumbaBokwa Level-1Bokwa Level-2Step-UpTone-CorePunch-Strike

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Hourly - 1000

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Weekly - 20,000

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