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Why is Ahmedabad the best city to live in India.

24 February 2016

All young people want to move to a city like Mumbai, Pune or Bangalore. Undoubtedly, these cities are amazing, they are dream cities. Young Indians are looking for the right platform to pursue their dreams and cities like Mumbai offer them the right path. Yet, at Trainerji we believe that Ahmedabad has a lot of potential as a city and it can surprise you. Despite all of the misconceptions people have about Ahmedabad, it is actually a great city to live in. Hopefully, after reading this blog you will be just as convinced as we are about this city!

So what makes Ahmedabad so special?

Forget about everything you’ve heard. Blended with modernity, Ahmedabad is a pot pourri of traditions. There are hundreds of different communities within Gujarat itself and each one of them have their own variety of foods! Besides the food and the dialects, Ahmedabad is a hotpot of culturally historical architecture. The famous Indian Institute of Management campus designed by Louis Kahn and Le Corbusier’s Ahmedabad Mill Owner’s Association are just some examples of the architectural marvels of Ahmedabad. Siddhi Saiyad ni Jali , the unofficial symbol of Ahmedabad is also globally recognized for its carvings.


Besides the architecture, Ahmedabad is famous for its amazing and lip smacking food choices. From authentic and traditional Gujarati dishes to global cuisine choices, Ahmedabad has it all. Gujaratis are hard core food lovers and are open to experimenting. You will find everything from Greek to Lebanese and Thai. Apart from the good food, Ahmedabad is famous for its cafes, restaurants and hotels. With new places opening up every day, there is never a shortage of cafes to visit, whether you are looking for some cheap breakfast, an evening coffee or a lavish dinner.


Ahmedavadis love their food, but they like their business even better. Possessing a strong business acumen people in this city will not disappoint when it comes to work. Gujarati is the business capital of India and not without reason. If you want to run a successful company then this city is the right place to start.

What is the absolute one thing that everyone looks out for while moving to a new city? Safety. That’s it. And if you are concerned about your safety, then worry no more! Ahmedabad is literally the safest city in India, (well Ahmedabad and all the rest of the cities in Gujarat!) You can freely walk on the streets at any time of the day or night and expect no trouble at all. It’s quite a relief knowing that you don't have to think about safety when you are moving into a new city! Women can wear pretty much anything and not feel afraid (you will be stared at, but that is the rule everywhere in India)


Public transport in Ahmedabad is so convenient that you never have to be worried about commuting. Distances are short, so you will never be stuck in traffic for too long. And although everyone is getting a car in Ahmedabad these days, you will find a rickshaw right outside your front door! Ahmedabad also has state of the art Bus Rapid Transport System, commonly known as BRTS which goes all around the city and is super cheap. Moreover, Ahmedabad is soon getting its own metro!


So now you have a good reason to visit Ahmedabad, a city with lots of love and good food!